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TFM Weekend Giveaway - RHW or LHW?

Check out what The Fiberglass Manifesto had go live yesterday...

When I started fly fishing twenty years ago, I really didn't have anyone to tell me which hand I should be casting with and what hand I should be reeling with.  I am mostly right handed but for whatever reason found it most comfortable to cast with my right hand and then reel with my right hand as well.  Maybe it's because I learned to fly fish on bluegill and small trout in northern Michigan and it was likely years into fly fishing before I really needed to reel instead of just strip line in.  

Years later I read and heard instruction that I likely should be reeling with my left hand, since I cast with my right hand, but it would be all buy impossible to retrain me now.  I will say that I can't remember a fish that I've ever lost because I switched hands from right to left, though it does add some extra motions to do so when there is a hot fish running line out the guides.

Oh well...I am firmly and forever RHW.  What are you?

Earlier in the year Orvis debuted their newest Battenkill fly reel.  This classic looking click and pawl fly reel is machined from bar stock aluminum, available in three useful sizes, and is a heck of a lot of value for $98. 

There is just one thing that Orvis didn't bet on, and that was there are a lot of people that reel with their right hand, and for whatever reason this reel was designed with a slick four position click and pawl drag that really only works in left hand wind.  Not cool.  Orvis quickly realized that this just wasn't going to work (They got phone calls, emails, and the fly reel geeks on internet forums picked this fly reel apart.) and a quick redesign went into effect so that now these reels can make the switch easily from right or left hand wind with the flip of the spring and pawl.  

When these fly reels were introduced I was sent a set to give away on T.F.M.  That set is LHW only and since Orvis realizes that the entire T.F.M. readership doesn't all reel with their left hand, I've got another set in the mail that is convertible to both left and right hand wind.

So...instead of three Battenkill fly reels to giveaway this weekend I've got six.  How cool is that? 

1.  Send an email to and tell me two things...

A.  Are you RHW or LHW?

B.  What fly rod (It better be glass.  Just saying...) would you put one of these fly reels on and would you want the Battenkill fly reel in Size I, II, or III? 

2.  Only ONE EMAIL submission per email address.  Duplicates will be deleted.

3.  Submissions will be accepted until 6:00 a.m. Monday, August 12, 2013.  

4.  On Monday morning SIX WINNERS will be chosen by random number generator and then listed at the bottom of this post.  Winners will also be contacted by email as well.

5.  Each of the six winners will receive a Battenkill fly reel of their choice and a few T.F.M. decals will be stuffed in the box as well.

More information on the Orvis Battenkill fly reels can be found on their website. 

If you have any questions please send an email to


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