Friday, August 16, 2013

Orvis' Carp Central

Orvis launched their Carp Central a few months ago with the intentions of helping people who like to focus on fly fishing for carp or want to get into the game learn a thing or two from the pros. Orvis has teamed up with CarpPro, Fly-Carpin, The Drake, and Carp on the Fly to bring you a central hub of information for helping you get a carp on the end of your line.

I've had CC bookmarked since its launch and check it once or twice a week for updates. They recently finished out their Photo Contest in which they gave away a good number of Helios 2 Outfits, according to many like John "Montana" Bartlett of Carp on the Fly, an amazing carp outfit.

So Orvis and carp, doesn't make sense right? Wrong, makes total sense. Orvis has been moving out of their comfort zone of tweed suits, tea and crumpets and has moved into a more ideal market for the everyday angler (yes, their prices are high, but the range of gear they offer now is amazing). Carp is the ideal route for them to help show that move. Here's a little info on why Orvis loves carp...

"They’re strong, they’re cagey, you can find them almost anywhere, and carp fishing with a fly rod is perhaps the most exciting sight-fishing you can do in fresh water. As one of our customers recently said “It’s about the only chance most fly fishers in the US have of catching a ten-pound fish in fresh water.” We agree, and if you really study your carp resources, you may catch fish much bigger than that magic ten-pound mark.

So let us help you enjoy the journey. We love saltwater fly fishing and we live in trout country. But most of the anglers on the Orvis staff really get jazzed about carp fishing, so we’ve put together some valuable resources for you."

Carp Central holds everything from information on fly fishing for carp, to gear they recommend using for carp, to keeping you in the know about whats new in the sport. From videos to articles to giveaways, and podcasts...I'd say Orvis has carp down. Be sure to roll on over to Carp Central and check it out, maybe you'll learn a thing or two! Check out Orvis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their website for more.

Boom...The TLTFF Crew

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