Monday, August 19, 2013

Northeast on the Fly

A new forum popped up just before we started Carp Week that caught our eye. Its called Northeast on the Fly and has a focus on fly fishing the Northeast. Its slowly becoming the epicenter for everything fly fishing in the Northeast from reports to gear to tutorials and fly tying. It is helping bring fly fisherman together and giving them a central medium for talking fly. We've been talking to founders Mike Percelli and Scott Caras (co-founder of Cheeky Fly Fishing) and are stoked to have the opportunity to not only contribute to Northeast on the Fly, but also moderate and help this great new forum grow. Here's a little something the guys from NE on the Fly sent us...

"The forum was created on the premise of "how do we get more people involved in discussing the sport". With the help of Scott Caras, we put up the board and figured what the hell. Figuring it would help Scott and some other companies get a little exposure as well. We didn’t want to get larger companies involved as they already have a strong presence. We wanted the little guy. WE also figured that with a good community, maybe we can all learn a thing or two from each other. Plus I love to network and both Scott and I wanted a way to meet new people and possibly fish with them. My biggest problem with fly fishing is I don’t have anybody to really fish with me on a consistent basis. So that’s one of my hopes. In addition to that, I am filled with more useless info then you can imagine about this sport. Im hoping with everyone helping each other, the forum community grows and enjoys talking about the sport."

Signing up is free and easy, it takes about 5 minutes from when you sign up to get your confirmation email and have your first post live. The forum has threads for each state, includes an area to buy and sell gear, and we've even added a DIY section to help the frugal angler do his own thing for next to nothing. Roll on over to Northeast on the Fly, even if your not located in the NE and learn a thing or two about fly fishing in our neck of the woods.


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