Thursday, August 1, 2013

MORE Fly Fishing Gear on The Clymb!

Some of you may have seen that Cheeky Fly Fishing's full lineup of reels and hats were on The Clymb this past week. Selling for a super-rediculously low price of over $120 off, you honestly can't beat The Clymb when it comes to deals for the outdoorsman. I don't believe all the reels sold out so keep your eyes on the "Fishing" section of The Clymb 365 as I anticipate them trying to liquidate the stock of extra reels out over the next couple of weeks.

To hold you over in the meantime and give you your fly fishing gear deals fix, there are a large number of products for sale for 20-80% off in The Clymb 365 "Fishing" section from companies like Simms, Wetfly, Redington, William Joseph, and Guideline. Dizm Eyewear and Wetfly are also on themain page right now. Here are a few examples...

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