Saturday, August 17, 2013

Field & Stream's 15 Reasons to Head to Michigan for Serious Flats Fishing

We found this gem and have been saving it just for this week. F&S knows how to put out great articles since they have some of the best of the sport contribute. Check out what they have to say about BI and Lake Michigan...

Via Field & Stream:

Don’t laugh. Here are 15 reasons why the serious shallow-water angler should head north to find epic (and affordable) action in skinny water. FlyTalk bloggers Tim Romano (photos) and Kirk Deeter recently visited Beaver Island in Lake Michigan, and here’s what they experienced. 

For many anglers, sight fishing is top of the game. You see your quarry, you plan your approach and, with any skill (and luck), you make that perfect presentation and get bit.
This is the realm where fishing meets big game hunting. It’s all about stealth and the stalk. And the best reward is a massive fish pulling on your line. For years, fly anglers have beaten worn paths to places like the Florida Keys, Laguna Madre in Texas, the Louisiana Coast, the striped bass waters around Long Island, even the tropical flats of the Hawaiian Islands, to find this special thrill (with very good reason).
And yet, as wonderful as the tarpon, redfish, and bonefish flats are (and make no mistake, they all offer amazing opportunities and are laden with traditions that define shallow water angling)… pound for pound, cast for cast, and minute for minute, one of the best flats fishing experiences to be had in the United States might very well be had far from salt water, rather, in the skinny shoals of the islands in northern Lake Michigan.

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