Friday, August 30, 2013

CVTU Project on The Run in Boiling Springs

I began to seriously fly fish and delve myself into expanding my knowledge base on entomology, technique, and a more in depth love for the sport in college. I went to Messiah College, which had the blue ribbon Yellow Breeches Creek cut right through its campus.

The YBC is known for its majestic views, large trout, and enormous hatches. There are certain spots most fly fisherman who fish it know about, like The Run at Boiling Springs. Not only does The Run have the convenience of Yellow Breeches Outfitters being only a stones throw away, but that trout, year-round, make the trek up this narrow run of water with hopes of getting into the lake that sits at the epicenter of Boiling Springs, PA.

This stretch is about 20ft across, if that, and is known for its difficultly of fishing due to low-lying branches and smart fish. Prior to CVTU stepping in, The Run had a series of small dams, easily passable by trout, spaced every 20-30ft that made the run all that more appealing to fisherman who enjoy the technique (and art) of nymphing. I caught my biggest brown to date under one of those small falls and have always had a respect for that section of YBC. The downside to how The Run was built, was that there was poor oxygenation and an odd flow, distributing fish in concentrated areas. Here's how CVTU made this amazing run, all that much better...

Via PA Fly Fish:

This summer the Cumberland Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited (CVTU) volunteers have completed another section in a multi-phase habitat improvement project in The Run in Boiling Springs. The first log wing deflector that was completed last summer. More recently the parking lot was finished early this summer.

The next pics depict the log vane deflector under construction and completed over the summer as well. This was about 25 yards downstream from the AT footbridge and turned a fairly flat, featureless pool with a depth of about a foot, into a much deeper section with a nice plunge pool and better flow/oxygenation. Within minutes after we completed this, I saw a couple nice trout move up under the logs. 

boiling springs fly fishing

Thanks are due to the Bureau of Forestry for donating the logs and Pennsy Supply for the shot rock. Also: PFBC, Shane Gilbert, and (as always) Gleim Environmental for their time and help. It's much appreciated.

In August the ongoing project by CVTU to improve habitat in The Run continued. Two additional vane deflectors were installed just downstream with the help of the students from the Rivers Conservation and Youth Camp. In the past, many of you have supported CVTU or the youth camp with donations or flies. 

If you have not fished The Run in Boiling Springs lately, drop by. It's holding fish in large numbers this summer (this has not been consistent in recent years) and fishing well, even in the hottest weather. The improvement projects have worked well and fish can be seen holding both above and below them. Just a couple nights ago I was fly fishing, I managed an very nice brown trout on my third or fourth cast in The Run.

It's been a good year for The Run as well as the Breeches itself. I think the improvements have turned out well. Drop by and check 'em out.

Special thanks for CVTU for their efforts on this conservation effort for anglers. 

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