Sunday, August 11, 2013

Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway - Day 1

This giveaway has ended.

So as you've seen and heard, we're giving away a dozen carp flies everyday this week, we're calling this segment the Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway. Today's Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway is brought to you by Feather-Craft Fly Fishing. Feather-Craft sent us some pretty awesome goodies that any fly angler would pay good money for. Today's contribution was a F-C Carp Selection that is actually 17 flies with fly box. Today's winner will also have a new fishing hat in their collection thanks to Loon Outdoors. This giveaway holds over a $60 value and is updated just for 2013. It includes...

Our best selling carp patterns in proven color combos. 17-fly SELECTION with fly box contains: Befus Swimming Carp Fly(2), Headstand(2), Carp Tease(2), Carp Breakfast(2), Bread Crumb(2), Carpolicious(2), Candy Corn(1), Barry's Carp Fly(2), J's Cottonwood Seed (2)

RULES (apply to all Daily Dozen Giveaways this week):

-To enter, you must shoot an email to with the subject line "F-C Daily Dozen" and tell us what your favorite Feather-Craft product is as well as your favorite Loon Outdoors product.

-Only ONE submission per email, duplicates will be deleted.

-Submissions will be accepted until TOMORROW MORNING at 6:00am.

-ONE winner will be selected by's random number generator.

A huge thanks goes out to Evan from Feather-Craft for not only providing us with these amazing flies and other gear but for hosting the AWESOME trip TLTFF Crew member Luis had in Beaver Island last month. Stay tuned later this week for the trip report for those of you who missed it. And don't forget to show Feather-Craft some love by checking out their site and signing up for their newsletter (hint hint the newsletter always offers great coupons and deals).

We have some other great gear from F-C coming your way later this week so if you don't win, stay tuned.

*Don't forget about the week-long Photo Contest, click on the link in the right sidebar for details!

The winner of the Day 1 Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway presented by Feather-Craft Fly Fishing and Loon Outdoors is...Dan Willcutt!

Boom...Morgan & Luis

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