Sunday, August 18, 2013

And The Winner Is...

Thank you all for an amazing Carp Week. Honestly, y'all crushed our numbers bringing in the most unique views we've ever had in one week let alone one month! We had hundreds of submissions to the Carp Week photo contest and gave away a record number of gear from our amazing sponsors. If you didn't already have the opportunity to do so, please head on over to our sponsors pages and check out what they have to offer, check them out on their social media outlets as well, let the know you heard about them through TLTFF's Carp Week, I'm sure they'll all appreciate it.

For those of you who entered, wow, what beautiful fish, you guys are killing it around the world! Its great to see this unique type of fly fishing take off and be appreciated by so many.

We hope that you learned a thing or two this week, maybe added some new gear or flies to your collection whether it be through one of our contests or through supporting our great sponsors. We really cannot thank you enough for the support! We got some amazing feedback throughout the week that made us realize how great our readers are and why we keep this blog going, thank you.

All that said, lets get on to announcing the winners of this year's Carp Week Photo Contest! With hundreds of submissions received, it was a bit overwhelming going through the photos but over the last two nights we've been going through them over and over and we've finally selected the best of the best.

There were four categories: Best PictureBiggest Carp, Prettiest Carp, and Ugliest Carp. All pictures submitted were placed in their respective categories based on our perception of them. After cups and cups of are your winners as well as runner ups and below the pictures are their prizes.

Best Picture- 1st Place

Jeremy Green

Best Picture- Runner Up

Dave Kuntzelman

Biggest Carp- 1st Place

John Bartlett

Biggest Carp- Runner Up

Anthony Macchiarola

Prettiest Carp- 1st Place

David Litten

Prettiest Carp- Runner Up

Josh Gutierrez

Ugliest Carp- 1st Place

Gabriel Bizeau-RĂ©gis

Ugliest Carp- Runner Up

Miles Christmas

If you are a winner, you have one week from today (August 25th, 2013) to respond to us by sending your name and address to with the subject "I WON".

Please take a moment and pat yourself on the back, job well done. I have to say, we have some amazing photographers and fisherman follow us, it really gives us the motivation to keep TLTFF going.

Thank you all again, stay posted for more upcoming giveaways and don't forget to gear yourself up for your next trip with stuff from our sponsors!

Boom...The TLTFF Crew

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