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3rd Semi-Annual TLTFF Instagram Fly Swap

A big thanks goes out to Dean Wormell of Gin Clear for this awesome write-up!
- Instagram Fly Swap III -
Finally finding time to put up this post about the 3rd Semi-Annual Instagram Fly Swap hosted again by Morgan Kupfer of Tight Line Tales of a Fly Fisherman. Also check out the 1st and 2nd Instagram Fly Swaps.

The call from Moran went out on the @tltff Instagram feed back in March this year and flies were mailed to the 10 tiers the first week of May.

The popularity of this swap is way up from the first time. It took about 5 minutes to fill up after Morgan's initial post!
As with the previous two swaps, we had a great, well rounded group of excellent tiers including some celebrities. The theme of the swap was streamers - one salt and one fresh pattern.

For each set of flies below, there is a link to the tier's Instagram profile, pics of the flies and names/recipes if they were provided (for those who didn't send in names/recipes - it's never too late. Comment below and I'll add it to the post).

All the flies are "Bad Ass" and those with no names have that name for now. On to the flies...

@TLTFF - Morgan Kupfer - Hawkins Hat Trick and Bass Mint

Hawkins Hat Trick and Bass Mint by +Morgan Kupfer 
Bass Mint is a Green rabbit zonker wound up shank of a Mustad size 1 hook.

@qbadtrip - Luis Santiago - Bad Ass Fly 1 & 2

Bad Ass Fly 1 & 2 by @qbadtrip
@ginclear - Dean Wormell - Baby Sand Eel and Baby Articulated Bass

Baby Sand Eel by +Gin Clear 
Saltwater Baby Sand Eel
  • TMC 811S Size 2, Monofilament Fine Thread
  • Layer Super Hair Fluorescent Green, Angel Hair then Tan Supreme Hair
  • Waspi 1/8 Gold Holo Eyes & finish w/ Loon UV Knot Sense
Baby Articulated Bass by +Gin Clear 

Freshwater Baby Bass
  • TMC 811S Size 2 Front and TMC 811 Size 4 Back articulated with Beadalon & 2 glass beads, 3/0 Monocord Thread
  • Back—Flash, Dark Olive Marabou Wrapped, Yellow Marabou Wrapped, Black UV Ice Dub Body, Palmer Olive Schlappen, Reverse tie Brown Arctic Fox Head
  • Front—Brass Conehead, Dark Olive Marabou Wrapped, Yellow Marabou Wrapped, Flash, Black UV Ice Dub Body, Palmer Olive Schlappen, Reverse tie Brown Artic Fox Head, add Sexi Speckled Legs after & top with Brown UV Ice Dub Head
  • Finish with Loon UV Knot Sense

@mgarza912 - Mario Garza - Bad Ass Fly 3 & 4

Mario has been in the last two swaps as well, is our freshwater celebrity.

Bad Ass Fly 3 & 4 by +Mario Garza
@hameedt - Hameed Talebian - Olive Sculpin and Herring Imitation

Olive Sculpin and Herring Imitation by @hameedt
The freshwater streamer is an Olive Sculpin.

Weight - .020 non-toxic wire
Tail - partridge wing feathers
Body - flashy rabbit dubbing
Top body - olive rabbit strip
Rib - gold Mylar
Head - olive spun deer hair
Eyes - adhesive 3D sculpin eyes coated with CCG HYDRO

The saltwater streamer is a Herring Imitation.

Tail - flash
Body - tan deer hair working into olive deer hair
Wing - ostrich herl
Head - Clear Cure Eyes and Goo

@devinangleberger - Devin Angleberger - Bad Ass Fly 5 & 6

Bad Ass Fly 5 & 6 by @devinangleberger

@jeremyclapp - Jeremy Clapp - Reaper and Glue Trap

Reaper and Glue Trap by @jeremyclapp
Saltwater, 'Reaper'
This is a variant of Mike Schmidt's Reaper. Mike originated this pattern for fresh water. Although it is tied, traditionally, on a 8/0 hook. Mike also uses flash blend, which I substituted, tying my pattern with only Icelandic Sheep Hair and Bucktail.

I tied this pattern in the exact colors which I have caught all my False Albacores on. This pattern will be best fished from a boat. Allowing the fly to drift backwards into rolling waves on a rip. Once the fly is 3-4 waves back into the rip, stripping the fly quickly back to the boat will draw the strike.

  • Icelandic Sheep Hair
  • Bucktail
  • 3D eyes, large
  • Uni Thread Big Fly

Freshwater, 'Glue Trap'

This pattern is different. There are no guides or references, that I could find, that example this pattern. I saw this fly in an issue of Flyfish Journal. Tom Lynch JR, ties a fly similar for browns in Michigan. From a picture and description, I was able to put this fly together.

The first night I tried it, I was able to turn a large brown. It struck but did not connect. The second night, I drew 20-30 strikes and connected once with a 18" rainbow. It has a big hook, only the largest fish will be able to take it.

@wantageboy - John Parise - Bad Ass Fly 7 & 8

Bad Ass Fly 7 & 8 by @wantageboy
@brentonr - Brenton Roberts - Snook Getter and Simple Slayer

Snook Getter and Simple Slayer by @brentonr
My saltwater is called the Snook Getter and is a craft fur tail and a palmering chenille head.

The freshwater is the Simple Slayer. And it's a marabou tail with a palmering chenille belly and buck tail on top.

@hcft- Chase Hancock - Tarpon Candy and Borski Inspired
Chase is from Skinny Water Culture and is our saltwater celebrity tier.

Tarpon Candy & Borski Inspired by @hcft

Great ties by all! Have already wet several of these and seen some success. Thanks again Morgan for putting the swap together.

Remember to follow @tltff on Instagram and look for Instagram Fly Swap 4 coming this fall.


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