Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Wizard's Eye

One of our favorite companies, KAVU (employer of one of my person great friends/college lax teammates - Tyler Lee), has teamed up with Tyler Bradt, a professional whitewater kayaker and overall thrill-seeker (holds the world record for the highest waterfall ever run by kayak - 189.5' Palouse Falls) to take a 5-year expedition around the world on an amazing sailboat named The Wizard's Eye in search of the unknown.

Here's the Wizard's Eye expedition's intro video and a little info on how this is going down...

Fear of the unknown has haunted Captain Tyler Bradt from an early age. Holding the world record for the highest waterfall ever run in a kayak (189.5 foot Palouse Falls), Tyler now sets off on an entirely new adventure - to explore our planet and to confront his fears.
With a 45-foot, 20-ton steel hull boat built for the world’s most demanding environments, he and his wild demographic of friends, extreme sport professionals, and others met along the way will circumnavigate the planet searching out and living the most off-the-wall experiences and extreme stunts.

As the videos continue to roll out from the Wizard's Eye's Vimeo account, we will be posting them here. Full of adventure, excitement, surfing, sailing, fishing, skydiving and most importantly, the unknown amongst other things, this is bound to be amazing.

To learn a little more about The Wizard's Eye, you can check it out through it's website and through it's Facebook page. Show these guys your support by writing on their Facebook wall and give them some encouragement as they take this amazing journey. If you are interested in sponsoring these guys, maybe getting some fly gear aboard their boat, check their website for details.

We will be posting the 8 episodes that have already gone live every day over the next two weeks to help catch you up...enjoy.


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