Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest Post...Best Cigars for a Fishing Trip

Luzzie Nomand from Neptune Cigars dropped us a line a few weeks ago asking if she could write a guest post for us suggesting the best cigars for an angler to take on a trip with them. Luis and I have been known to light up a stogie or two on our own trips so we gave her the nod. Here's what she had to say...

Fishing and cigars go together like gin and tonic. Maybe you prefer to light up while you sit and drink beer while fishing at a lake. Maybe you smoke a celebratory cigar after catching your first fish of the day. Or, finding it difficult reel fish with a cigar in hand, you prefer to take short breaks to enjoy a cigarillo.  After a day fishing, maybe you enjoy kicking back at the dock, cracking open a beer and smoking a cigar next to the campfire. You may do all of the above! There is no wrong way when it comes to pairing your favorite activity with the love of cigars.

If you’re spending the day fishing, you want a cigar that is big and long lasting, producing lots of smoke. Large ring gauges are excellent for this, and there are many to choose from in today’s market. Think to bring some large vitolas such as Churchill, Toro or Grand Corona. 

If you like to light up while actively fishing, you may want to take some cheaper cigars with you for that purpose. This way you won’t be bothered if the cigar gets dropped in the water or forgotten, or if you’re too busy catching fish to really enjoy the smoke. Despite the price, you want a cigar that has a good burn even in very humid conditions. We recommend Factory Throwouts, Flor de Oliva, Quorum, and Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale or Curly Head for inexpensive cigars that are great on a fishing trip.

Whether you ship on a river, lake, stream, or ocean, it is very likely that your beverage of choice will be a beer. These are some cigars that we find pair perfectly with the bright, fruity flavor of ale or a crisp lager: Arturo Fuente Hemingway, AVO Natural, Brick House, CAO Gold Label, Perdomo Lot 23, Padron Series Natural or Maduro, Room 101 Connecticut.

Finally, in order to protect the cigars from water and crushing, we recommend that you invest in a good travel humidor such as the XIKAR Travel Humidor, which comes in different sizes to accommodate 5, 10 or 15 cigars. The case is airtight, watertight, and crushproof, with a humidifier to keep the cigars fresh during the trip. Cigar holders such as golf cart cigar holder can also be very helpful to keep the cigar safe from dropping in the water. A torch lighter with an oversized fuel tank is also a must if you’ll be lighting stogies for you and your friends. We recommend the XIKAR Tech Lighter for this, or if you’re in high altitude, the XIKAR Stratosphere Windproof Lighter.

Luzzie Normand is a cigar enthusiast and freelance blogger. She’s editor and co-founder of Neptune Cigars Inc.


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