Thursday, July 25, 2013

2nd Annual YoungLife Rockfish Tournament

Last year I participated in the 1st Annual Young Life Rockfish Tournament. Hosted by Harford County's (Maryland) Young Life, its an awesome tournament for a great cause. This years, tournament is set for August 14th. Check out the details below...

Entry Fees:
Individual Angler Fee: $200
Boat Sponsor: $500 (sponsor cost of boat)
Boat Charter: $1,600  (sponsor boat & 6 anglers)
Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 (6:00am-2pm)
Each boat accommodates 6 anglers.
Each Angler will receive a gift. Cash prizes for winners.
Food Included:
Chick Fil-A (Middle River) will be providing breakfast sandwiches for each angler.  Snacks and sodas will be provided on each Charter.  Also included in your fee is a wonderful lunch from the Steel Fish Grill.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We're helping raise money for Young Life, a non-profit that focuses on building relationships with middle school and high school age kids. Youg Life staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them — fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. This event is a local fundraiser and I thought it would be fun to cast out a request to all the TLTFF followers for y'all to make the trek down to Maryland to fish some awesome waters for a great cause.

I personally was involved in Young Life when I attended Annapolis High School. I transitioned from someone who was significantly impacted by the relationships into, my final year of high school, a student leader. Through the years I've tried to stay in touch with the organization by helping out in college and now this... Young Life has meant to me a great deal throughout both my adolescent and adult years in the form of bringing some of my current best friends (including those who were in my wedding) into my life as well as leading me closer to my faith. I'd love to see the same impact happen to our youth today, especially with all the negative influences they have. The more kids we have being, hunting, playing together, the less we have kids sitting on the couch alone at home gaining weight, not understanding the outdoors and our beautiful world, and pondering things that could possibly get them in trouble.

If you wish to fish the tournament, they still have spots open and they would love to get a few of our followers on the boats. Here's some extra deets I got from YL Harford's leader and my personal great friend, Donovan...

"We are looking forward to another gorgeous day on the water and some healthy competition!  We will be chartering the same boats as last year and shoving off from the East Baltimore / Middle River area again.  We listened to your feedback and are working on making some changes - Having a 1st/2nd/3rd place prize for largest catch and hiring workers to filet the fish to save time at lunch to name a couple."

Click the fish below to register:


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