Thursday, June 13, 2013

Redington + New Technology = The Vapen Series

Last week, Redington announced the newest additions to the family with their 2013 lineup of rod series. We posted about their new 'glass rod, the Butter Stick on Monday. One of the other rod series they've announced is called the Vapen Series. Now, as a warning to conservative fly anglers and those who aren't too into the new colorful reels and twists that have recently taken over the industry, this is definitely not your rod. That said, its absolutely worth a cast by any fly angler, you may just be surprised. One of my favorite sayings goes a little something like, "Substance over style" so if the rod works, who cares what it looks like. But I must admit, this is one badass looking rod...

June 6, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – Redington, a leading manufacturer of performance fly rods, unveils a new blank and a grip technology in its premium fly rod family. The new Vapen and Vapen Red are designed to deliver effortless power and supreme strengthin a lightweight package. Both fly rods offer the new X-Wrap Technology and the Vapen Red has an exclusive PowerGrip handle, helping any angler cast with more authority.

“X-Wrap Blank Technology effortlessly transforms angler input into powerful casts. When we combined this new technology with PowerGrip, we couldn’t believe the change in power. With every angler who tested the rod, loop geometry got tighter and casts went further,” notes Redington General Manager, David Visnack.  "The word Vapen means weapon, Visnack continues, we quickly realized you don’t cast this rod, you fire it, so Vapen is a perfect name for this weapon! It is the perfect addition to an angler's arsenal."
Redington’s new X-Wrap construction method involves wrapping one layer of super-high density carbon ribbon inside the blank and another counter-wrapped on the exterior surface. X-Wrap construction provides surprising power with little effort. The technology is so distinct you will actually see the difference in the blank. Anglers have the option of combining X-Wrap technology with the entirely new PowerGrip or a traditional cork handle, thus having an abundance of options within Redington’s new premium fly rod family.
To create the Vapen Red’s custom unique grip, Redington collaborated with renowned golf club grip company, Winn Grips. Together they developed an advanced polymer grip that won’t slip when wet, feels soft in the hand and reduces fatigue. It also cleans easily, doesn’t chip and helps amplify casting power.

Cork versions of the Vapen series are also available and come with Portuguese premium grade cork for the more traditional angler.

Combining X-Wrap with high-end features such as a carbon fiber reel seat and custom anodized reel seat highlights, the fast-action Vapen series easily outperforms rods more than twice the price. Alignment dots make setup quick and easy, while a high quality black suede bag provides protection when in transport. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Vapen and Vapen Red fly rods will be available in August 2013 in a range of weights from three through twelve for a retail price of $299.95 and $349.99, respectively.


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  1. I own and fish with 5 different Redington fly rods which are the Tempt and Trout Classic, and have found that all of these are actually lighter in weight than the new series here----and by the way cheaper too. Redington makes one the best fly rods on the market, but I would find it hard to go with a red handle fly rod. thanks for sharing