Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moldy Chum Adopts MC Hammer

Via Moldy Chum:

We have officially adopted a Culebra bonefish as part of Dr. Andy Danychuk's multi-year study examining the movement patterns of bonefish in Culebra.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that bonefish populations inhabiting relatively small, isolated, reef flats such as those found on Culebra may be particularly vulnerable to human-induced disturbances such as illegal gill netting and habitat loss. To learn about their potential vulnerability, Andy and his team have deployed an array of acoustic receivers around Culebra allowing them to detect tagged bonefish and track their movement patterns at scales as small as a few yards. We're psyched that we could contribute in a small way to the teams important work
There has been a possible M.C. sighting.
Below he can be seen giving the fin to one of Andy's researchers while he looks for permit research subjects.

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