Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fly Product...WikdFLY Rod Launchers


Rod Launcher is the hardcore fly fisherman’s answer to more time fishing, and less time in the parking lot, or on the side of the road. Rod Launcher securely holds 1 or 2 fully rigged 9’ fly rods, allowing you to rig your rod at home, and keep it rigged all season. 

Rigging and breaking down a fly rod takes time. Rod Launcher gets your fly in the water sooner, and keeps your fly in the water longer. After you’ve caught the last fish of the day, leave your rod rigged, and leave your fly on. If your secret fly worked today, there’s a good chance it will work tomorrow. Rod Launcher may even get you home in time for dinner. 

Rod Launcher has drain/ventilation ports. Place your freshly rinsed rod in the one of the included 9’ handmade, fast drying, breathable rod socks. Put your rod in your Rod Launcher and it will dry as you drive. 

Rod Launcher is handmade in Maine, using rugged, durable PVC. Rod Launcher is designed to keep your fly rods safe, and secure, no matter where your passion for fly fishing takes you. 

Each Rod Launcher includes: 

Mounting Hardware 
Lock and Key 
2 Handmade 9’ Rod Socks 

Order your Rod Launcher today over at www.wikdfly.com and check out some of the other awesome photos in their gallery. You can also find WikdFLY on Instagram and Facebook.


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