Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fly Products...Topo Designs' New Cold Splinters Tee

Topo Designs has been rolling out some great stuff so far in 2013. With our next review with them going live soon, I just wanted to introduce everyone to their new shirt...The Cold Splinters Tee.

Few folks speak our language quite as well as the multitalented Jeff Thrope from Cold Splinters. So when he offered to steep a bit of his outdoor/camp/hike/general awesomeness into the Topo cup, we jumped at the chance. The result is a wonderfully simple tee that simultaneously harnesses all the goodness of days gone by and days that have yet to come.
Printed locally in Colorado on Jungmaven tees which are made in the USA from 60% Hemp 40% Organic Cotton. Fits true to size.
Materials: 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton
Offered in sizes XS-XL and only $36.00, this is a pretty neat shirt that anyone could add to their collection. Oh and P.S., its made in the USA (like all Topo gear).


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