Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daily Deal...25% Off Allen Fly Fishing's Olympic Spey/Switch Rods Series with Matching Reel

DEAL OF THE WEEK:  Save 25% on select Olympic rod models with a matching reel!
NEW FOR 2013!  10'8" and 11' switch rod models!
Two-handed fly rods have become the tool of choice for salmon and steelhead anglers across the globe!  They are now finding favor amongst trout anglers, striped bass enthusiasts, and a multitude of others who have discovered the seemingly endless possibilities of a two-handed rod!
The Olympic Series was developed through testing a wide range of lines and casting styles.  The rod was put into the hands of beginning, novice, and advanced casters to ensure this is a rod that would perform in the hands of all types of anglers.  We wanted to make sure this rod not only had the reserve power and versatility to be unlocked by advanced anglers, but was also forgiving enough to get even beginners comfortable with throwing fishable casts!
With a medium-fast action that flexes deep in to the cork, and recovers with a quickness, this rod can't be described as anything but powerful!  The strong tip section keeps loops tight, even under heavy payloads.  From heavy skagit lines to traditional spey and scandinavian styles, there is a rod in this lineup that will shine in any fishing situation!
Choosing a two-handed rod and matching it to a proper line for your situation can be a daunting task.  Don't hesitate to contact us for any advice in getting you set up with the right rig for you!  Email Evan at

For more info on specs and prices, click here.


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