Saturday, May 11, 2013

UPDATED: Upcoming Events for TLTFF

Continuing on with our schedule of cool trips "planned" for 2013, here's where you can meet up with the TLTFF Crew, throw back a few brews and tell stories about how many more fish you've caught than us.

We will be attending the following events, as of right now (more to follow as they get locked into our schedules):

  • The Spring fishing should be in full heat now, from carp to Stripers, its on! If you would like to fish with us or we fish with you, PLEASE don't hesitate to hit us up!

  • Luis is headed to Trap Pond on May 11th with our local chapter of Free State Fly Fishers.

  • Luis and I are headed for a four day fly fishing/camping trip to Jane's Island State Park down in Southern Maryland May 17th-20th. We will be targeting Speckled Trout and Striped Bass all on the fly.

  • The CCA of Maryland is hosting its Kent Narrows Fly and Light Tackle Tournament on June 1st. The TLTFF Crew will be there as well as a few of you, our followers! For only $40, it will be an amazing day! Thanks to our sponsors and affiliates, we have managed to put together two awesome prize packages to contribute to the winnings. Keep an eye on the blog next week for details about the tourney.

  • I will be headed up to Nantucket, MA around June 13th for a week of family and an attempt at some decent Stripers, Bluefish, and Albies.

  • Luis is also headed to Belize in late June with three days set aside to finally hold his person unicorn, a Perm, as well as snipes some Bones and jump some Poon.

  • Mid-Late October we will be headed up to Pulaski, NY for some Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. As this trip get closer, we will update everyone on that.

  • At some point we will be headed down south this year for Redfish, more info to follow as the trip materializes. This trip is slowly coming together, we should have official dates soon.

  • We are also trying to put a second trip together to Puerto Rico to jump some Poon, again, more info to follow as the trip materializes.

  • I will definitely be heading dow to the great state of Tennessee to fish with my great friend Zach M. and hit up some of the beautiful streams the great state has to offer. This trip is also slowly coming together, we should have official dates soon.

Trips pop up pretty often for us and usually on a weeks or even days notice. If your ever in the area or have an open spot on your local water for some fly fishing bros to drive or fly up to fish with you, let us know. We are always happy to meet new people, put faces with our followers, and toss a line in some new water. Please feel free to always contact us with any questions, ideas, or invites at We would love to show any of you the water we fish and know, the invitation is always there.


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