Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The "New" PTTS is the Same Old PTTS...

The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS) started on May 19, 2013. Save the Tarpon was there to document the protest and the new 'conservation-minded' handling techniques the PTTS had adopted after our push for them to eliminate the "gaff, drag and weigh" segment of their TV reality show. (DNA had linked dead fish to the tournament and our opinion is their handling techniques were responsible.)
The PTTS had been bragging all winter about the new weighing format which involves taking a quick length and girth measurement instead of the previous technique of weighing the fish in a giant sling on the beach. They refuse to move the tournament to a 'most-releases' format as we suggested. Apparently, it just doesn't make for good TV.
In this video, which has been shortened for obvious reasons, we witnessed this fish being held on a 'clip-on gaff' for over 20 minutes before it was finally released. Moments after its release, it went belly up in front of numerous individuals, including the production crew for the PTTS.
This is just one of aspect of our complaints with the PTTS. To understand more as to why we are calling for an end to the PTTS to protect the Boca Grande tarpon fishery, please visit



  1. This video is shortened because it had to be. I have raw footage of this entire fight. The fish was lip locked for less than 4 minutes before being released. Please make sure you ask savethetarpon for unedited raw footage to confirm their accusations. This is spreading false information and likely is punishable. Please visit to see the truth behind this bogus campaign based on lies and deceit. You may leave this video as it is but know that it has been noted and you may receive legal follow up. Always ask for unedited footage to confirm what you're posting is the truth. Please contact the PTTS is you would like to see the raw footage of this fish on the liplock from start to finish.

    1. I'd like to see that footage so I can see both sides of the argument. Thank you for your concern.

  2. The Shave the Tarpon Facebook page was created by REC Media Group, the production company hired to film and produce the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS). The PTTS is their primary contract and without it, their business would suffer a tremendous loss.

    The page was created in retaliation to a grassroots movement and website, It started as a personal attack/hate platform for disgruntled PTTS participants (hence the name "shave" because the founder of has a beard). Most of the first posts on their mock page revolved around gay jokes (at the expense of anyone who dared to protest the PTTS) and calling the residents of Boca Grande inbred rednecks.

    The video we produced was edited, that is true. It was edited because 20 some minutes of watching a team hold a fish boat side does not make a very interesting watch. The point was the fish perished due to excessive handling. Excessive handling without the use of a tarpon tag, and purely for the purpose of providing good TV. Remember, the PTTS isn't a tournament, its a self-described reality TV show.

    Catch-and-release is catch-and-release. There is no argument which can be posed to change the fact the tarpon in the video was not immediately returned to the water "alive and unharmed." Even if the video was only 3 minutes, what difference does it make? The fish was not handled legally as defined by the State of Florida. It was also not released alive.

    I would be happy to provide the full 29 minute video if it is necessary to prove our point, but I'm assuming your audience would much rather invest their time in something more meaningful, like, say, fishing.

    Additionally it should be noted, a group of PTTS captains started a shill organization called the Florida Tarpon Anglers Association (FTAA). They are a 501 c(3) and have hired a lobbyist from Tallahassee to help them keep their glorified snatch hook, aka the "Boca Grande Jig." Please take a moment to read our new article out today: so you can learn more about this new angle the PTTS is taking.

    Thank you to this blog and its readers for the support given to Save the Tarpon. We are a group of ordinary community members from all walks of life who have come together and volunteered our time and resources to protect our storied tarpon fishery for future generations. We believe, through responsible and ethical fishing practices, we can provide future generations with the joy of tarpon fishing here in Boca Grande Pass as we have known it.

    By bringing awareness through resources like this, we are able to combat powerful private businesses (such as the PTTS) from profiting from the destruction of a very important public resource.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you so much for chiming in, as the fight goes on, its always good to see someone back up their own argument with true resources. I hope, as we continue to save this amazing species of fish, things change and those changes are due to a foundation STT has begun to build. Good luck with FWC and please keep us updated.

      As you said, the fight is intriguing for conversationalists and anglers alike that care about our resources, but most of us just want to do some good old fishing :).