Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tying the Foam Dragon

My thoughts are that this pattern, tied slightly larger, is an ideal carp pattern for the Magicicada hatch

Via Fly Fish Food:

Brown and Tan
I was in a bluegill-ish mood the other day at the vise, and like I often do, I just started throwing some materials onto hooks.  I had some marabou from Cheech Leeches, I had AZ synthetic dub from some AZ Princes, rubber legs from the Masked Marauder, and foam from the fact that there should ALWAYS be foam readily available at your desk...  I already have a lot of topwater bugs like La Ranita tied up, so I decided to tie some subsurface stuff to pick the more picky ones off their beds.  On went the marabou for the tail, and then the foam started looking at me funny.  On it went and the rest is history.

Like many flies that come off of my vise, I huck them into a bowl of water to see if they will ride like I want them to, and then on to the fishing.  This one has not yet punctured a lip, but my fishy jedi senses tell me that this one will be a killer for at least bluegill.  Trout version coming soon.

Recipe - I won't mention specific colors, as there is a wide range that can be used.

Hook: Allen S402BL #10 - or TMC 5262
Thread: UTC 70 to match color of the fly
Tail: Marabou
Underbody: AZ Synthetic Dubbing
Overbody and indicator: 2mm Craft foam
Legs: Sili-legs or round rubber legs (round rubber is barred with Sharpie.) See the technique on the Grumpy Frumpy video

Here is the video...

If you haven't checked out Fly Fish Food yet, you need to get on it. Fly Fish Food is a blog focused on all things fly tying, from materials, methods, techniques, tutorials and reviews to just cool patterns.


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