Saturday, April 27, 2013

TFM Weekend Giveaway - The Orvis PractiCaster

Via TFM:

The weekend approaches and it's time for another weekend giveaway.  Orvis has graciously sent two of their PractiCaster fly rods to pass on to a couple lucky winners.  

The PractiCaster is a neat way to learn and hone your fly casting skills whether it be at home or at the office. It's also a perfect start for teaching new fly anglers how it's done. Be the teacher.

Oh yeah...and you can drive your co-workers crazy with it too. Office hijinks abound with the PractiCaster at the Orvis Vermont headquarters in this fun video.  

Here's the rules to play for the two Orvis PractiCaster fly rods which are up for grabs this weekend.

1.  Send an email to and tell me where would you use, or who you would teach (or torment) with the PractiCaster.  You should receive an auto reply that it was received.  

2.  Only ONE email per email address.  Duplicates will be erased.

3.  Emails will be accepted until Monday morning at 6 a.m.

4.  Two winners will be chosen by random number generator on Monday morning and announced at the bottom of this post.  An email will also be sent to each winner as well.

Check out the Orvis PractiCaster on the website for more information. 

Good luck and enjoy your weekend.


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