Monday, March 25, 2013

Fly Line Care and Maintenance

Get your stuff ready for an epic season of fishing!

Via TFM:

Check out the latest video shortie from Geoff Samples of Scientific Anglers/Ross Reels which talks you through proper fly line care and maintenance. 

You can buy a lot of different things to supposedly keep fly lines cleaner or shoot better but I've found that a regular washing of fly lines in warm soapy water and then wiped off with a washcloth to be the best way to prolong the life of a fly line. 

With fly lines approaching the $100 mark it's certainly worth taking a few minutes a couple times a season to give them a bath.



  1. This is something sadly neglected I think, and bringing this up may have helped someone unaware of the need for a clean line. I am anal about line maintenance, and clean after every trip, every, with a damp rag and line winder to aid me. Also wipe down my rod and reel and check everything out. Good stuff here. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Gregg, glad to know someone takes something from this. I would hope more people would be frugal enough to take take of their stuff rather than buying new line every year. Most people dont know that a dirty line can mean a broken reel!