Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carp are Overly Sensitive When it Comes to Finding Food or Being Caught

Via Carp Fishing Tactics:

Like humans, carp are dependent upon their senses when it comes to food. Carp can smell, taste and see the food that they plan to eat. They have a highly developed olfactory system that allows them to sense any dissolved substance in the water. The lining of their mouths contains chemically sensitive cells that allow it to determine whether food is good or bad. The carp can see by using both eyes. However, if an item is immediately in front of and below its mouth, the carp relies on its barbuls’ sense of touch and taste to detect items...

Check out the rest of this awesome article by clicking here. Thanks to Matt over at Goat Head Gear for turning us on to this great piece of fishing knowledge!


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