Tuesday, February 26, 2013

UPDATED: Upcoming Events for TLTFF

So we have some pretty cool trips "planned" for 2013. Two of which involve a Fly Fishing Show and Film Tour(s). Here's where you can meet up with the TLTFF Crew, throw back a few brews and tell stories about how many more fish you've caught than us.

We will be attending the following events, as of right now (more to follow as they get locked into our schedules):

  • Luis just returned from a short weekend trip in Miami where he hunted down some Permit, Snook, and Redfish. A trip report will be up in the next week or so with a full report, pictures, and some video footage.

  • Boatyard Bar & Grill's Angler's Night TONIGHT (February 26th) from 5-8pm. Happy hour drinks start at 5 and a Drake film hits the screen at 7. Join us for some fun and brews, Luis and I will both be there from about 6-8pm.

  • The Kent Island Tie Fest in Kent Island, MD, this year called Lefty Kreh's Tiefest will be March 9th this year. Some of you may remember our post about our trip to Tie Fest last year, killer time with some of the most world-renowned tiers. Last year we took pictures with both Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh.

  • The Fly Fishing Film Tour in Baltimore, MD on March 15th (changed from the previous date of March 16th due to the venue double booking). This stop of F3T will be hosted by Great Feathers Fly Shop and held at the Centerstage Theater.

  • The Fly Fishing Film Tour in Arlington, VA on March 28th. This stop of F3T will be hosted by Urban Angler and held at the Arlington Cinema N Draft House. This has changed, we will no longer be attending this event but instead attending the F3T event above.

  • Luis will be headed to Belize Puerto Rico the end of March going into April hunting Bones and Perm. Keep you eyes on the blog in April for that trip report.

  • I will be headed up to Nantucket, MA around June 13th for a week of family and an attempt at some decent Stripers, Bluefish, and Albies.

  • Mid-Late October we will be headed up to Pulaski, NY for some Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. As this trip get closer, we will update everyone on that.

  • At some point we will be headed down south this year for Redfish, more info to follow as the trip materializes. This trip is slowly coming together, the next update should have official dates.

  • We are also trying to put a second trip together to Puerto Rico to jump some Poon, again, more info to follow as the trip materializes.

Trips pop up pretty often for us and usually on a weeks or even days notice. If your ever in the area or have an open spot on your local water for some fly fishing bros to drive or fly up to fish with you, let us know. We are always happy to meet new people, put faces with our followers, and toss a line in some new water. Please feel free to always contact us with any questions, ideas, or invites at tightlinedtalesofaflyfisherman@gmail.com. We would love to show any of you the water we fish and know, the invitation is always there.


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