Saturday, February 9, 2013

Preseason Trout Stocking Has Begun in Maryland


Found this in my inbox yesterday...

Pre-season trout stocking has begun. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) began releasing rainbow and brown trout in streams and lakes across the State. The stocking dates and locations are dependent on stream, ground and weather conditions.

 (We do not list sites that are closed at time of stocking.)


Prince GeorgesAllens Pond (700 RB/GN) February 6
Prince GeorgesCosca Lake (700 RB/GN) February 6
Prince GeorgesMelwood Pond (500 RB/GN) February 6
Prince GeorgesTucker Pond (500 RB/GN) February 6
Calvert       Calvert CliffsFebruary 7
Charles       Hughesville PondFebruary 7
Charles       Myrtle Grove PondFebruary 7
Charles       Wheatley LakeFebruary 7

The DNR trout stocking program is funded entirely by the sale of nontidal fishing licenses, trout stamps and Federal Sportfish Restoration Program (Wallop-Breaux) funds which are generated by a special excise tax on boating and angling equipment.

Fisheries Service
Maryland Department of Natural Resources 


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