Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guest Post...Zach C's South Boulder Creek Trip

South Boulder Creek at Walker Ranch

With temps below 30 and a 60% chance of snow it was looking like a great day to look at some rainbow trout here in the wonderful state of Colorado. Almost all of the front range creeks are covered in mostly ice and unfishable at this point. However South boulder creek has been fishing very well recently with higher flows. 

Time for some midges. I got to the trailhead at 11 pm and started hiking to the creek. When I got there I realized they weren't lying. (Picture of the creek) The water looked great and I started with midges. I got two rainbows on a size 20 midge that was just red dubbing with a white bead head.

After a couple hours of not catching anything since the first two I decided to go away from the midges and tied on "the one". I had to put on 3 split shots to bring the nymph to the bottom of the pool, and just like that I started to bring in some more. Which finished the day off very nicely.

HYFY...Zach C

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