Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fly Product: Review of Dorcy's LED Twin-Globe Waterproof Floating Lantern

Dorcy is a company that focuses around making lighting products for safety and everyday life. Their product line covers everything from headlamps to motion-sensor lights for your home to lighting for roadside emergencies.

I was contacted by Dorcy to check out some of their products and see what would fit us best to review. With trips coming up that had the potential to turn into camping opportunities, I knew some sort of major light source that would be suitable for a bunch of wreckless fisherman would be ideal. Thats where Dorcy's 160 Lumens 4D LED Twin-Globe Lantern came into play.

With extremely fast shipping, just two days from when we let them know we were down to try out the lantern, and great communication, we had an idea this was going to be a great product and company to review.

So lets start out with the specs...

The 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern is the first battery operated lantern to approximate the illumination characteristics of traditional gas / mantel lanterns. This lantern’s design allows it to radiate 360° of light with 160 Lumens of light output. The durable body construction allows this lantern to float and makes it completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. The Twin Globe Lantern contains two brightness settings, for high and low settings, and an amber night light. The highest LED settings allows for 175 hours of continuous use, the lowest giving 350 hours, and the amber LED allows for 700 hour of continuous use. The lantern is topped off with a sturdy handle featuring a pop-out hanger hook allowing for hands free use. The 160 Lumen 4D Twin Globe LED Lantern requires 4 D cell batteries to operate (not included).

With it having LEDs, you know this is a pretty darn powerful light. In two situations it lit up an entire space for me. Once by lighting up an entire 15' x 15' campsite (with both LED globes on) and once our entire living room when we lost power two weeks ago (with only one LED globe on). The beam distance is rated on this lantern for up to 20' which is pretty awesome for how small it is, coming in at 4.25" x 12.7" and weighing only 1.8lbs (its pretty ideal for packing into a hiking pack). It can run forever too on the 4 D-cell batteries it takes with a single globe running for 350 hours continuous, double globe running for 175 hours continuous, and the amber LED running for 700 hours continuous.

For those of you who have headlamps that have the little red light on it, the amber LED on this lantern is put there under the same idea, for use in extreme darkness in an attempt not to disturb others, lure bugs, and spook off whatever may be wandering around you in the night...or just as a night light. Its nice to have the three settings making the lantern all that ideal for different uses in different lighting situations.

So the coolest part about this lantern, from a fisherman's not only is waterproof, but it floats! These qualities automatically got it an extra star. We went ahead and checked out tough it was as well by dropping it from standing height, about 5.5' and let it fall on some rocks. It stood right on up to about 5 drops no problem at all. We also discovered that it has a built in hook to the top handle making it perfect for handsfree use at the campsite or within a tent.

The only disadvantages we found with this light, in all honesty, was the price. For $50.00 you get a pretty gnarly lantern, that will probably last you a lifetime, but I'm thinking it should have been more in the $40 range which is not a big drop. $50 for a lantern that does not include batteries, it just a bit steep for our frugal liking. Fortunately for us, Dorcy did send us 4 D-cell batteries that would have otherwise costed us $7.00 on their site with S&H.

With all this said, its time to give this BA lantern our rating. Overall, with all things considered, this lantern got 4.5 out of 5 stars from us based on price, versatility, use, toughness, and resourcefulness. The half of a star was taken away by the slightly higher price only, there was really nothing else we could have taken any stars away from, its just an awesome lantern!

A big thanks goes out to Dorcy for giving us the opportunity to review their lantern. Head on over to their site for more info about them and what they sell, there are literally hundreds of different lighting products on their site for reasonable prices. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new products, news, and even coupon codes! A big thanks also goes out to Mark for maintaining awesome communication and giving us this opportunity!


*This review was completely unbiased and this/these product(s) were lent to me for review purposes only. This review, as with all of our reviews was, completely fair with no intentions coming into it of giving it a "good" or "bad" rating. We do our best to keep all reviews as fair as possible with biases being thrown out the door.

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