Friday, January 4, 2013

Sneak Peek at Buff's Spring 2013 Lineup

Via The Official Blog of Buff, inc. USA:

Sneak Peek at Whats New for Spring 2013!Sport Series Water Gloves®– The Buff® Sport-Series Water Gloves utilize a high-breathability stretch fabricthat provides UPF 50+ protection in both wet and dry conditions. The most popular Buff® glove design provides flexible, lightweight skin protection with enough grip to last hours paddling, rowing or hoisting sails. The snug fitting high-memory nylon blend used in the Sport Series Water Glovers has a patterned silicone appliqué on the palm to enhance grip strength. The waterproof suede pull-tab sewn on the inside of the wrist allows the gloves to slide on and off easily ($27).

Sneak Peek at Whats New for Spring 2013!Sport Series MXS Gloves®– The full-fingered cousin to the original Sport Series Gloves, the new MXS style covers the skin from the forearm above the wristwatch and extends all the way to the tip of the fingers, providing exceptional full coverage and protecting the hands from harmful UV Rays, slippery lines and rough surfaces. The Buff® Sport-Series Water MXS Gloves are easy and quick to put on, with a waterproof suede pull-tab sewn on the inside of the wrist. The Buff® Sport-Series MXS Water Gloves are available in Pelagic and Black. ($27).

Sneak Peek at Whats New for Spring 2013!UV Buff® | Surfing –The new surf-inspired UV Buff® styles celebrate the continuing growth of surfing and stand up paddle boarding across the country. Six vibrant designs were designed by Florida-based graphic designer and surfer Rob McAbee, perfectly capturing a variety of unique surf culture moments. Unveiling at ORSM 12 are UV Buff® | Travel — The new UV Travel Buff® styles are the ultimate accessory on long road trips or short urban commutes; adding continental style and a boost of weather protection.
Sneak Peek at Whats New for Spring 2013!UV Half Buff® | State Tributes—Joining the breakout hit California and Colorado UV Half Buff® designs, the newest state tribute styles include Utah, Florida and Oregon: a trio of America’s most remarkable destinations for open land, soaring mountains, and alluring waterways. ($27).

Sneak Peek at Whats New for Spring 2013!Infinity Lyocell Buff® – The Infinity Lyocell Buff® is triple the length of traditional Buff® designs, providing a versatile spring wardrobe staple. The Infinity Lyocell Buff® can be worn as a conventional scarf, and easily transforms into a head wrap or shoulder shawl. Made of super soft TENCEL® fabric that is sustainably harvested from eucalyptus forests, the oversized eco- friendly accessory is infinitely wearable for all occasions, in any season. Available in both solid ($27) and patterned ($39) styles.

To see the rest of the lineup, roll on over to Buff's blog and check it out...


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