Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Risen Fly

Ryan of Risen Fly contacted me a little over a week ago after I hit up the super radical sale they had on their Alpha Fly Lines, $10 for a $25 line, I couldn't pass it up. Ryan is the owner of Risen and started the company out of his love for fly fishing and frugality. Well, here, let me allow him to tell you a little bit about Risen based on our conversation last week...

"Risen Fly started with a passion for fly fishing and an empty wallet.  We all want high quality gear, but when we flip through the magazines we all see the high price tags that we only wish we could afford.  Risen Fly is designed to not only bring you out the high quality, top performing products that you look for on the water, but to also fix that empty wallet.  We don't spend an exorbitant amount of money on advertising and marketing and thus have savings to help keep our products low in cost.  Our plan is to develop the brand to compare to the big names out in the fly fishing industry but not compete because our prices will remain lower than theirs.  Risen Fly strives to put out great products and serve our customers.  They are the ones using our products and should always come before anything else.  Enjoy our products and come back soon!"

Risen came into the picture with two reels, a fly line, and backing with room for more as seen on their site. The first reel, the Ichthus Fly Reel is a low cost, high quality reel. Here's what Risen has to say about it...

The Ichthus reel is our entry into the fly reel market.  "Ichthus" means fish in Greek.  It's design offers eye appeal, but the practicality to land fish of all shapes and sizes.  We didn't skimp on anything here.  These are machined from a block of aluminum, the drag system is top of the line, and you'll get stared at on stream for how great it looks!  This reel will hold up to some abuse and help you reel in that trophy fish.

Here are the details.

Precision machine cut from pure aerospace aluminum bar stock and stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion protection 
Large diameter Cork/FXB polymer disc drag delivers ultra smooth, low start-up inertia 
Two sealed, precision, stainless steel ball bearings
Fitted with one-way roller bearing
Quick left and right hand handle reversal
Counter balanced spool
Large arbor design
Easy drag adjustment
Drag clutch with zero-backlash
Silent retrieve with a crisp out-going click
Quick release spool
Exposed palming rim for additional control
Size          Outside Dia. (mm)          Inside Dia. (mm)          Spool Width (mm)      Wt.
 3/4                          73                                     42                                      27                  4.06oz
 5/6                          89                                     51                                      27                  6.17oz  
 7/8                          95                                     60                                      33                  7.76oz
9/10                         95                                     51                                      33                  7.76oz

The second reel, the Anakim Fly Reel is a slightly higher cost, and also high quality reel. Here's what Risen has to say about it...

"Anakim", which was an old race of giants, is our large game reel.  It boasts a 100% waterproof/dirt proof drag system that can handle all large fish species from salmon, steelhead, carp, bonefish, permit, tarpon and more.  The sealed drag is perfect for saltwater applications to reduce corrosion to the most important parts.  This reel is made by a CNC machined aluminum processes and anodized to give out a fantastic quality not rivaled at our price range.  We designed the spool to have a V cut to help guide the line and backing in and out of the reel to reduce tangles and hang ups.  The cork drag system is smooth yet has the stopping power you need to halt any running fish.  We put a little bit of Neats Foot Oil on the cork drag to help keep it of the highest quality.  We recommend you use the same to help keep your reels working at their peak.

Here are the details.

Hi-grade silicon aluminum bronze drive system.
Tanless Micro-bearings and min shift.
Cork drag system, we use a superior high grade cork with a little neats-foot oil on it.
Pawl system, advantages over single pawl system include, increased reliability, back-up strength and unique sound.
Quick release spool.
Counter balanced spool.
Quick left and right hand handle reversal.
Large, easy grasp drag knob.
Size          Outside Dia. (mm)          Inside Dia. (mm)          Spool Width (mm)      Wt.
 7/8                          90                                     59                                      27                  6.35oz
9/10                         87                                     67                                      30                  7.23oz
Wanna hear something awesome?

All reels are 30% off!

Ichthus 3/4 - $140 reduced to $98
Ichthus 5/6 - $145 reduced to $101.50
Ichthus 7/8 - $150 reduced to $105
Ichthus 9/10 - $155 reduced to $108.50

Anakim 7/8 - $260 reduced to  $182
Anakim 9/10 - $270 reduced to $189

Risen also, as mentioned above, offers the first of their fly lines, the Alpha Fly Line. Here's what they have to say about them...

Alpha translates to "the beginning".  These fly lines are perfect for any level of fly angler.  The weight forward design helps assist beginners, and also allows the advanced caster to perform more difficult casts.  They are manufactured with our advanced computer controlled production system to achieve the different tapering profiles to meet the diverse needs of all fly fishermen.   These lines stack up to lines in the market that are more than twice the cost.  We have lines in weights 3-8 and colors Yellow, Orange and Green.

Our list price on these lines is $25, but the initial price will be a 30% reduction to $17.50!  
Tip (E)
Front Taper (D)
Belly (C)
Rear Taper (B)
Running Line (A)
Head Length
Total Length

Next up, as mentioned above as well, the Risen Fly Backing. Simple and affordable, here's what Risen has to say about it...

This spool of backing is made of a braided polyester with a very small diameter to fit the maximum amount of backing on your reel.  This will help you better land those fish that test the drag of your reel and need some extra backing to be able to land.  You won't be disappointed in this product!!   
Backing - $7.50 reduced to $5.25

The last product Risen has featured right now and is due for release in February is their Nippers...

These razor sharp nippers will help cut tippet and line.  The needle point will help clear eyes of hooks and help untangle knots, and the tying tool will assist you in some of the harder knots on stream.  This is something you don't want to leave home without.

So whats the best part about Risen right now you ask?? Well in case you missed it, all products are 30% off! Click on the link on the top right to head on over and order your gear now! Don't forget to mention you heard about Risen through TLTFF.

Risen is slated to roll out more lines, rods, and other accessories in the future, so make sure you check back here for the latest updates!

Risen jumped into the market with a great line of gear, unlike some companies that come out with a rough copy and begin to perfect it over time. With a great idea that definitely fits into our personal beliefs and what we at TLTFF stand for, this is bound to be a great relationship. We received two reels in the mail today with some other swag that we're super stoked to try out and give y'all a review on. The relationship is there but rest assured, whatever we review, like all of our others, will be 100% honest and give you the straight facts.

With all of that said, we would like to welcome Risen Fly into the market and into the TLTFF family! Keep your eyes on the blog and on Risen Fly for some fishy goodness, 2013 will be a great year for this company, we can feel it.

Make sure you show them some love by following and liking them on Twitter and Facebook and give them a big ol' welcome.



  1. I have the Ichthus 3/4. Badass little reel for the money.

    1. Yea man, I cant wait to try it, I love the size!