Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fly Product...Allen Fly Fishing's New ATS Reel Series

Via Allen Fly Fishing:

Coming in at only $99.00, this really is a great deal. I think I may make a setup for either my daughter or wife with the pink ATS Series Reel and a matching ATS Series Rod. Check what Allen has to say about their newest addition to the family...

The ATS reel series is for those budget-minded trout anglers looking for a fully machined, disc drag, mid arbor reel.  The ATS is CNC machined from the same quality barstock aluminum as our popular Trout Series reels for a quality of reel not before seen for under $100!  
For a limited time:  To celebrate the arrival of the newest member of the Allen Fly Fishing family, our founders daughter, we have a limited edition pink reel!
  • Oversize handle, as with all of our reel series.
  • Click retreive and click drag
  • Cork/Teflon disc drag system
  • Fully machined spool and frame
  • Mid arbor spool
  • Quick Release spool with easy left to right hand retreive change.
Model     Dia.   Spool Depth   Spool Width                     Reel Cap.                        Size Sugg.

   1          2.95"       0.53"             0.79"          3wt WFF + 50yd 20lb Backing         3wt-5wt

   2          3.39"       0.59"             0.98"          5wt WFF + 75yd 20lb Backing         4wt-6wt

Roll on over to Allen now to order yours and save some scratch! 


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