Saturday, January 12, 2013

Badwater Designs' Super-Radical Decals

The other day, as I was washing my Jeep, I was checking out the stickers on my back windows. Its something you don't do all too often, you usually slap them on and let others enjoy. I realized how radical one of my stickers was and totally forgot who made it. So I delved in and did some research just so you guys could enjoy some deek goodness from one of the best in the biz.

Check it, Badwater Designs has been pumping out legit decals for a few years now and their stuff is totally original. Here is the sticker I have from them is...Striped Bass...boom!

All of their stickers come in black, white, blue, or silver and in two sizes, large or small. The large deeks are 18" x 6.10" and cost $17.99 and the small ones are 8" x 2.73" and cost $7.99.

They offer seven different species: Largemouth Bass, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Redfish, Striped Bass, Tarpon, and Tuna. With more designs sure to roll out soon and some apparel, this is a company worth supporting just for their gnar factor.

Now heres the order to get your hands on these decals, you have to buy it from one of these dealers. Isn't one near you? No problem, just talk to your local shop and give them this contact info, get their stuff into your shop and let them know they heard about them here at TLTFF. I found one shop online that has the four pictured decals, the Tuna, the Mahi Mahi, the Marlin and the Striped Bass. Its Off the Hook Bait and Tackle. Check our Badwater and show them some desk love.


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