Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Win Win Win

Who wants to potentially win a custom  built fly rod? Who wants to help a friend of TLTFF win a trip to Tahiti and possibly win a trip for themselves? If you answered "me" to any of these questions, then you've got to read on!

On of our friends Debbie Spring, who is a custom rod builder is trying to win a contest through Air Tahiti to get free tickets back to this magical land. She is a finalist for the "Best Experience on Air Tahiti Nui" contest and needs some help with votes to win. Thats where you come in... Some of you may be your asking yourself, why vote for someone who you don't know? Well Luis and I can vouch for the fact that Deb is not only a great person deserving of this win, but, she is an awesome custom rod builder and in exchange for a win, she wants to build a custom rod for one randomly selected winner! But, theres more, IF you vote, you are automatically selected for the contest as well, potentially winning something for yourself like a trip to Tahiti, an umbrella and bag, or even discounted tickets.

So how do you do this? Well check it, read below:

1.  Log-in to Facebook
3.  Like the Air Tahiti Nui Facebook page
4.  Click on “The Tiares
5.  Authorize the Tiares App by clicking “Go to App” button  (it only asks for the very basic info, to ensure it's a person voting)
6.  Click on “Click Here to Vote” on the page that appears
7.  Click on “VIEW FINALISTS AND VOTE” on the page that appears
8.  Click on Categories or Entries and Vote

Here's Debs experience:

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Tahiti and Moorea back in 2004 and love the islands and the people, but wanted to share my lovely experience on my flight there. I was flying Air Tahiti Nui and loved the courtesy of the flight staff. They had already fed us and given us coffee, and after a little while I asked if I could have some more coffee, they asked me if it wasn't too strong (they make excellent coffee) I made the comment that "the stronger the better" well they went and made some extra-strong (extra delicious) coffee just for me!! talk about going above and beyond!! Loved everything about the flight! The awesome seats and a screen (with games) right in front of you!! If I could choose to fly it I'd fly Air Tahiti Nui every time!!

Once you vote, as a double confirmation and to be placed in the running for the custom rod, send us an email titled "I Voted" to and tell us what emoticon Deb put at the end of her experience description seen above on the voting page.

Now, some people have noted that they are having problems voting. If you are having problems, here is a link to the PDF Air Tahiti has provided to troubleshoot those problems. Also, voting doesn't work on mobile FB app, nor using the iPad/iPhone app either, but you can get around that using the Safari and accessing the website directly (not using the app) on your mobile device. Air Tahiti has also said that people with the Windows 8 or IE10 are also unable to access the site, so if you use another browser, you should be ok.  Last thing, it seems that if you are underage, you are not allowed to vote either (Deb says she "hasn't received confirmation on this last one from Air Tahiti, but my younger family members haven't been able to vote, with no explanation given").

Contest ends on Friday so vote now and let everyone else know to vote, send them to this post! A link will also be posted on the top RIGHT of the blog for them to goto as well.
So, what do you win? Fitting with Deb's potential of traveling with winning, the rod is a custom travel rod, 7 piece. Here's some pictures of it and a little info that Deb sent us...

"The rod is a (hot off the assembly line) custom built HH Xi rod blank 9'0", 5wt, 7-piece medium action rod. Its perfect for the backpacker (or traveler). Perfect for small as well as larger type streams. Great trout rod. Glossy green finish. Only 1.8 ounces!"

If she doesn't win, you all still have to potential to and of course each and every one of you will receive a HUGE "thank you"! I just voted and didn't have a problem, so get to it and vote!

Remember...The custom rod goes up as a prize ONLY if Deb wins!


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