Monday, December 17, 2012

Daily Reel...'My First Fish'



  1. Very nice! Great instruction and patience, wonderful. I handed my 7 year old grandson, who had caught bluegill with his own fly outfit, my rod after I hooked a large mirror, expecting him to follow instructions. He quickly had the rod yanked from him and it was gone in trail of bubbles in 2 seconds. He felt bad but all is OK.


  2. Better yet Morgan,

    My Son came back 2 days later and used his sturgeon gear with a huge treble and lead and dredged the bottom of this pond where the outfit was lost. About to give up he saw a piece of white 80 yards across the pond in a bramble of blackberries, it was the tip of the rod with backing. His grapple grabbed it all and the TFO rod, Echo reel and Orvis line were essentially OK. I messed up the reel's drag cleaning it but they repaired it. That carp didn't break off for at least that distance, it may say something about my terminal connection, or just luck.


    1. THAT is an AWESOME story! Redemption!!!!! Wow, good thing you got that back!