Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blog of Note: Rods, Reels & Heels

Not too long ago did we start to see Brenna Richardson show up more and more with awesome fly fishing content on our Instagram and Facebook feed. As her obsession with our awesome sport grew, so did the quality of her photos and catches. Hailing from the great fly fishing state of Colorado, Bren really does bring content to the table beyond what we can here in Maryland. Well as icing on the cake, Bren went out and did what all people with said skills and abilities do and started a blog, to help further share her love for fly fishing.

Since the start of her newly named blog, she has moved on the bigger and better things by recently releasing something more fitting to where she was looking to go with her and her lifestyle as well as what she was trying to portray. Enter Rods, Reels & Heels..."True life stories & adventures of a small town girl trapped in a big city".

Now, as said before, the blog is on the newer side of things, but thats why we're telling you about it, to help support her and get another perspective of one's experience in the sport of fly fishing. What Brenna is doing is great, attempting to do what was said before, while also helping women understand, its ok to fish! Brenna has some good stuff coming up to add to her already, well written and thought out posts. Bren is newer to the sport and is one of the types of people who fell head over "heels" in love with it and to see and read her enthusiasm lights a whole new fire in my soul for the sport as well!

Check out a blip from one of her posts, one of my favorites so far...

  •  Patience is more than a virtue.
  •  If you're driving behind someone, near a river, and they keep swerving off the road, they're a fly fisher looking for a sweet spot.
  • Waders, or rather, water proof suspenders are not sexy. On anyone. Ever. 
  • What time 'dark thirty' is.
  • Trout are a lot smarter than you might think. 
  • Life's problems and stresses can be completely forgotten on the river.
  • The meaning to 'just one more cast'.
  • The nicest people you'll ever meet, are anglers.
  • A River Runs Through It,  is much more than a movie title.
  • You need patience!

Bren can be found on Instagram (seriously, her IG is awesome), Facebook, and of course on her blog...check her out, give her a follow and a 'like', support a fellow fly fisherwoman, and enjoy some great content!


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