Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of TLTFF! High five! I know, we're pumped too!

So, in celebration of this awesome Anniversary, were going to be giving away some prizes! Check it, comment on this post stating what part of TLTFF you enjoy the most. One lucky randomly selected winner will win a TLTFF swag pack. The giveaway will run from today until the 3rd, thats 3 days for you to enter.

How can you be entered more than once? If you spread the word by Tweeting or posting on Instagram about it (with the tweet or IG post including @TLTFF), talking about it on Facebook so we can see it, or posting it on your blog, thats an extra entry. That means you could have up to 5 entries, 5 chances to win!

Have at it bros and bras!



  1. 1st!!! BOOM -- TLTFF posts great videos and the guy who runs it is really cool...lls

    Shared on FB and my blog too

  2. I dig the instagram!! and you should make some stickers! everyone loves stickers

  3. Love all of your IG posts! Now connected through Facebook and soon twitter, great work!

  4. Thanks guys, stay tuned for the winner today.