Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fly Product: GoPro HERO 3

As much as this was anticipated, it really kind of came out of the blue. None of us knew a definite release date, but now, we know since GoPro had a release conference last night. So, heres what its all about...

GoPro has essentially released 3 new cameras. All will be shipped on the 22nd of October. There will be three different "editions" of the new camera. The White Edition, the Silver Edition, and the Black Edition.

  • 1080p30/960p30/720p60 fps
  • 5mp / 3 fps burst
  • Wi-Fi Built-In
  • Wi-Fi Remote and App Compatible

  • 1080p30/960p48/720p60 fps
  • 11mp / 10 fps Burst
  • Wi-Fi Built-In
  • Wi-Fi Remote and App Compatible

  • 4kp 12 fps, 27kp 30 fps
  • 1440p48/1080p60/720p120 fps
  • 12mp / 30 fps Burst
  • Wi-Fi Built-In
  • Wi-Fi Remote Included
  • App Compatible
  • Pro Low-Light Performance
A new lineup of accessories has been released along with the new camera. These include a new housing that will come with all of the editions that is a combination of the old housing and dive housing. A new LCD Touch BacPac will be released as well as a new Battery BacPac. A thing called The Frame will be released and is "The Frame mount is the smallest, lightest way to mount your HERO3 camera." A new Mic adapter will be available and a Combo cable for all your viewing and downloading needs.

One of the biggest changes is the SD Card. The HERO 3 will now only take a Micro SD card, but it can now take up to 64 GB as opposed to the old max of 32.

Now, roll on over to GoPro and Pre-Order your new HERO 3 today!


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