Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carpin' Season Has Just About Come to an End...

Via Fly Carpin':

2012 Stillwater Carp Finale

I think I have to call it official.  The off-season on my local river shall continue until further notice, but I am calling this fine little pond carp from Sunday my 2012 still-water finale.  I have been dropping an hour here and there checking in on local ponds and lakes for weeks now with nary a shot.   Sunday wasn't much of an exception but I did get one shot and one take in an hour of walking.  On the flip-side I have been doing really well on the river with good shots, decent numbers and freakish for me average size lately so it is hard to understand why I have been bothering at all.  

Incidentally, the fly is yet another experiment in egg yarn where I chop it up for use as a dubbing to make the head on an Egan's Headstand.  The egg-yarn really pops and makes it easy to see your fly.  



  1. McTage from Fly-Carpin here. Flattered that you like the post, appreciate that the link is follow, like your site and a friend who knows says you are good guys but would have appreciated a contact before copying my content verbatim.