Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog of Note: High on the Fly

Over the past few months I've been following a blog named High on the Fly. Obviously, being a blogger, you check out other blogs and sites to pull in some ideas and learn a thing or two as well. As a fly fisherman, you want to learn new techniques and how to catch more fish. As a fly tyer, you want to learn how to tie better flies and again, learn new techniques.

Jeff Marsh, author of High on the Fly has all of the above. Hailing from MI, Jeff fishes primarily trout. Browns and Bows of good size are usually on the end of his lines and his write ups about them make you feel as if you were right there watching the whole hook up, fight, catch, and release happen with your own eyes.

On top of his writing skills, Jeff can tie some darn good flies. Letting your readers know more than what your catching is key, especially for the local readers who fish the same waters as yourself. Now, I don't fish MI waters, but his posts make me want to pretty bad. Letting your readers know what flies your using is even better. And when you tie those flies, fish them, and write about them...winning.

Right now, registration is live for the first High on the Fly Tournament. It will be on the Au Sable River and on November 17th in Mio, MI. Click here to learn details and register yourself.

Head on over to High on the Fly and give Jeff some love. If you email him with your address, for a limited time, you can get a High on the Fly sticker to throw on your gear and support the blog.


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  1. Holy Cow!! Thank you so much!! I appreciate the love and support..