Sunday, September 16, 2012

TFM Comrade Edition YETI Coolers

Congrats goes out to Cam from TFM for becoming YETI's newest dealer. Check out what he has to say...

Via TFM:

YETI Coolers - T.F.M. Comrade Edition

What started with a T.F.M. Comrade logo Tundra 35 being offered as a contest prize earlier in the year has lead me to filling out all the necessary paperwork last week to become an authorized YETI Coolers dealer.  I have placed a couple orders already and can do more if there is interest. 

This may seem to be an unusual step for an admitted hack blogger, and while I don't have visions of selling scores of these coolers, it's still pretty neat to see the T.F.M. logo inked into the lid of a YETI Cooler.     

So if you are interested in purchasing a YETI Cooler, with or without the T.F.M. Comrade logo on top, then please send me an email to for a price quote.  I can place orders for any item that YETI Coolers offers and your new YETI will be drop shipped to your doorstep for $10.00. 

Are YETI Coolers expensive?  Yes.  Do they keep ice forever and are they virtually indestructible?  Yes and yes.

Over the last year we've taken our Roadie 20 everywhere from road trips, to the beach, to nights at the drive in theater, to days on the river in the kayaks and have been nothing but impressed.


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