Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fly Product: Allen Fly Fishing Releases Their New Trout II Reels

The Trout I reel clearance felt like it was never going to end. Obviously, Allen was going to bring in a new reel, and one could have guessed it was going to be called the Trout II. But who would have know it would be as great as it is!?

Damn. Thats all I have to say. I now own 3 Allen Fly Fishing Trout I reels but after seeing the Trout II, I would trade in all three for just one of the II's.

As of right now it comes in two sizes like the previous reel, Size 1 or 2. It also comes in two colors, green or gunmetal. The size 1 and 2 have the following specs:

1 - $139.00

  • 3.23" Diameter
  • 4.9oz Weight
  • .425" Spool Depth
  • 1.06" Spool Width
  • A reel capacity of 3wt WFF + 70yd 20lb backing
2 - $144.00

  • 3.68" Diameter
  • 5.5oz Weight
  • .625" Spool Depth
  • 1.06" Spool Width
  • A reel capacity of 5wt WFF + 100yd 20lb backing
Here's what Allen has to say about it:

The Trout II series has taken the best features of our ever popular original Trout Series, and improved on them in every way.  The Trout II is fully machined from premium, aerospace quality barstock aluminum, and finished with corrosion and scratch resistant Type 3 anodization. The dependable carbon disc drag system has been enclosed to be protected from damaging sediment and debris. It remains everything a trout and other light tackle fish angler could ever want, and more!  
The Trout series features a unique, attractive spool and frame design with true large arbor dimensions.  The large arbor assists in quicker line retrieve, and low line memory.  Its ergonimically formed spool handle, easy left to right hand retrieve change, and simple drag adjustment rounds out its balance of function, fashion, and dependability!
Sizes offered are our 1 and 2, which cover a surprisingly wide range of line sizes and applications.  Whether you're equipping your small stream, ultra-sensitive 3wt Myth, or your 5wt Olympic series rod, the Trout series will pair up perfectly!

Head on over to our new favorite company and check out the newly released Trout II reel. While your at it, check out their "Deal of the Week" section and order yourself a new fly box for only $7.50.


  1. I use Allen hooks and boxes, no rods and reels so far. So far so good with their hooks, except perhaps in their smallest sizes of the TMC 3761, now a different nomenclature, the gap was small and the hook dull, especially after debarbing. The larger hooks used mostly for carp, not a problem. Nice review of their reel. We need products of quality at reasonable prices.


    1. Allen is doing some awesome stuff and I expect them to do even bigger things in 2013. We have the inside scoop with them now so expect us to keep all of you updated. Thanks again for posting Gregg!