Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fly Fishing Knows No Gender

There was a time in fly fishing history where it was considered a gentleman’s sport. Were the elite few had the privilege of practicing the art (madness) that is fly fishing. I believe we are a long way from that. We live in a time where you can visit Bass Pro Shops with 50 bucks get a rod and reel combo, hit the water theoretically catch your first fish on the fly.  You are a fly fisherman at that point. You are welcomed into the club to enjoy all that fly fishing has to offer. The joy of sharing fly fishing with everyone that has any interest is at times the most rewarding part. No one is or should be excluded.

So when I read current petition floating around over the Anglers Club of NY’s 106 year old tradition of excluding Women from the club, solely on the basis gender I was genuinely shocked. A fly fishing club by definition should be serve as meeting places for like-minded sports, places where people gather who share similar values and beliefs, and of course a love of fishing. I really don’t see any place in that definition to insert “of the Male gender”

Join her group is “anyone” here good enough for the Anglers Club of NY on facebook at

Tight Lines...Luis


  1. It is important to side with this woman. I did sign her petition. Dame Juliana would be proud of her.