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Recycled Fish's Fish-A-Thon 2012 & The Team USCARPPRO Magazine

You guys know how much we love Recycled Fish here at TLTFF, what they stand for falls right in line with what we do, conservation and awareness. Teeg Stouffer of Recycled Fish contacted us this week regarding Carp Week and how he and the Recycled Fish team were pumped for TLTFF's newest tradition. Not only were we stoked to talk to Teeg and hear about their excitement, but we were super stoked about what else Teeg told us... Recycled Fish is doing what is called their 24 hour Fish A Thon. They explain it way better than I do, so heres what Teeg had to say to us and what RF has to say about the Fish A Thon...

"Morgan, relevant to Carp Week, we're doing our push for the 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon right now, and we have a carp fishing team from Texas who is specifically raising awareness and funds about carp fishing! They're also helping raise funds for the US Carp Team to compete internationally." (Read the bottom of this post for more on the Carp Team).

The Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon is anglers fishing around the clock and around the country to raise awareness for the problems facing our fisheries, and money to help solve those problems.
Fish A Thon2012 FishAThon donate button
Our lakes, streams and seas are in trouble. It is the result of many things, from over-consuming water to over-harvest of fish to pollution to invasive species. Many of the main issues come from problems in our broader environment because “Our Lifestyle Runs Downstream.”
Anglers – people who love to fish – are the first to notice, because we spend time on the water observing our surroundings. Problems in our environment often show up first in our waters – it all runs downstream. We’re doing something about it with the 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon.
We’re standing up as not just users of our natural resources, but as stewards. We’re raising the flag for simple things anybody can do to ensure healthy waters for fish and wildlife – and for each of us.
Think you can fish 24 Hours straight on September 7 & 8, 2012? We think you can, too! 
The Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon is a fun way to make a difference.This overview explains exactly what's involved. To join our 2012 Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon on September 7 & 8, 2012, fill out the 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon Team Registration form to get started. Someone will follow up with you to help you with next steps.
Check out the 2012 Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon Teams and donate to your favorite team.
Who is on your team? New for 2012 you can have as many people as you like. Have questions? That’s normal. Give Ben a shout, if he can’t answer your question, he’ll get you to someone who can.
Please have all Team & Team Mate(s) information available to you before filling out and submitting form.
If you'd like to learn about previous teams or Fish A Thons, click here and check out the bottom of the page. Now here is what RF had to say about supporting their Carp Team out of TX...

Martin with a fat fat Carp - Team US Carp Pro Magazine - recycled Fish2012 24 hr Fish-A-Thon
 Common Carp were introduced to the United States over a century ago as a foodsource, and they rapidly spread to waters across the North American continent. They have forced out native species, disrupted ecosystems, and management or eradication of their population from water bodies from coast to coast has cost billions of dollars. A new and even more acute threat is are the asian carp species, most notoriously silver and bighead carp. These filter feeders impact ecosystems in new destructive ways, while devastating tourism based upon motorized watersports when they jump from the water. Misconceptions about common carp – a species that has been here for over a century, and which is able to be managed and fished as a sport fishery – and the new Asian Carp leads to confusion among anglers.
Team US Carp Pro Magazine in the Recycled Fish 2012 24hr Fish-A-Thon
Solution: Although they pale as table fare to freshwater fish like walleye and crappies, their ability to grow to large sizes and their powerful fight makes carp a worthy adversary for anglers. In Europe and parts of Asia, the carp is king, and international fishing competitions focus on hooking behemoth carp. A growing number of anglers in the United States – especially fly fishermen – appreciate the "golden bonefish" as a sport fish. We seek to increase awareness of the common carp as a sport fish, and although we don't advocate for the spread of the fish, we do seek to increase awareness for its ability to put a world class fishery at the doorstep of most Americans. Carp are a classic case of making lemonade from lemons. Where they are already present, developing a sport fishing culture for them generates business for local communities and dollars for conservation through participation. The ability of carp to adapt to waters with low oxygen content and poor water quality allows us to maintain robust fisheries even in the most degraded of urban environments like the concrete-trenched Los Angeles River.  provides a connection to nature for urban and inner city people that can be a lifeline through a healthy pastime, defeating the evils of Nature Deficit Disorder.
Encouraging carp fishing in the U.S. also helps develop a contingent of competitors for international competition, to represent the Stars and Stripes through the U.S. Freshwater Fishing Federation.
At Recycled Fish, we believe that all fish – including so-called 'rough fish' – deserve respect and incumbent upon all of us is the responsibility to steward each species well.
To learn more about carp fishing in the United States and fuel your own fire, visit
50% of funds raised by this team will go to the US Carp Team and the US Freshwater Fishing Federation, the other half will support the national mission of Recycled Fish to engage, educate and equip all anglers to be good stewards of our waters.

Want to donate online but don't like Paypal? You can also use your credit or debit card through our secure online donation gateway, just make sure to name this team in the "Dedication" line.
Donate to our team by mailing a check to Recycled Fish at:
Recycled Fish
Attn: 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon
3109 Lone Tree Road
Bellevue, NE 68123
Please put angler’s name or team name in the memo line of your check.

This is really good stuff guys, well worth the investment. With about 5,000 views a month here at TLTFF, can you imagine how much of an impact us TLTFF-ers could have if we donate $1 per visit? Just sayin'... Head on over to Recycled Fish and get in on the action! Taking action is what keeps our sport so awesome and protects the animals we love the, by protecting their habitats and making the public more aware of how they can help. Recycled Fish is doing some pretty awesome stuff, keeping up to date and even participating in their events can help us out enormously within the fly fishing community. Do your part and support Recycled Fish this Carp Week!


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