Thursday, August 30, 2012

Orvis and the Carp Game

So this year Orvis decided to jump in to the Carp game not only by sponsoring Carp-Pocalypse out in Oregon, but by adding Carp flies to their selection as well as a gnarly sticker. Check out what Orvis has to offer in their Carp section of flies.

As you can see, for now, there are only 6 flies but two variations are offered for most of them. All of them are $2.95 except for May's Clearwater Crayfish (pictured above bottom middle) which is $3.95. Like I said above, Orvis is also offering a pretty gnarly sticker, shown here...

The sticker can be purchased for $4.95 in a 4-pack. I'm pumped the bigger names are getting into the Carp game, its amazing how the fish has moved its way into the elite in only a matter of about two years!



  1. Everyone's hoping on the Carp bandwagon. In my opinion it has added an element that fly fishing had been lacking. Which is getting away from tweed wearing CEOs and back to the everyday blue collar fly angler. It is an awesome fish for a fly rod and anyone who hates hasn't caught one. Sorry about the rant this dunken coffee has me riddled up. The world really does run on dunken.

    1. Haha! Thanks for your comment Anonymous, you hit the nail right on the head! The fly fishing and outdoors game has changed so much in recent years and its so awesome to see what our generation has done, pushing the sport further and further each year! Its amazing what a community can do together, from pushing conservation efforts forward to putting together some of the gnarliest films ever! The fact that Orvis is FINALLY changing some of their ways while keeping tradition deep within their roots is awesome! Thanks for your contribution!

  2. orvis has joined the pod of the "crazy carp fly fisherman," i applaud...