Friday, August 24, 2012

@jeremiahsuperspey and In Frame Studios

So one of my favorite Instagrammers, Jeremiah Houle aka @jeremiahsuperspey is a "Fly Fishing Guide from Oregon. Love the Pacific Northwest and the Steelhead and beer that inhabit it. Armed with an iPhone and not afraid to use it." The man is an IG genius, taking some amazing shots and creatively showing off his guiding skills. On top of guiding, Jeremiah, his brother, and a friend have a side project/video through their production company, In Frame Studios, called "Brethren of the Coast". Here's what they have to say about the video and In Frame...

Video: I wanted to show what Steelheading is through the eyes of Steelheaders, not guys that trout fish then make a pilgrimage to B.C. This is about guys that fish for Steelhead almost year around. So together with a couple buddies I want to show the passion we have for these resilient anadromous fish.

In Frame: In Frame Studios is a group of three creatives with a passion for telling a good story. Through film and photography we are able to put a unique outlook on the story we're defining. Our passion is growing with every new project, and we're excited to to building a story of our own.

I salute these guys, for real. As someone who wishes he not only had the creative genius to put together a video like that but people to start filming with, I envy what these guys do. Here is the trailer of "Brethren of the Coast"...

To check out more awesome stuff from In Frame and Jeremiah, click on the links above. Show your support for these guys on their IG and Vimeo accounts. Heres a little slideshow of Jeremiah's IG photos...enjoy!


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