Monday, August 20, 2012

Guest Post: Creative Feathers

This post is from TLTFF's newest crew member, Luis Santiago. Read more about Luis in our 'About Us' section.

Creative Feathers

Travelling thru Galveston, TX as always talking fish with anyone who will listen I was told “if you like fly fishing go talk to Connie at CFS” never one to pass up and opportunity to hang out in a fly shop I dropped by after completing my two flights for the day.


I spent a little time researching Connie after speaking with him and it turns he is a bit of a local legend and a well-known name in the fly industry in that part of the country. He has a few Texas state records  on the fly under his belt to show but you wouldn’t know it from talking with him. I found him a friendly and welcoming gentleman with a passion for taxidermy and fishing you find in those few hard charging individuals you wish you could some day be like. Connie was just as curious about what roads had brought me to the door of his shop on that hot Texas day as I was of his talents and experience.

An avid and gifted tyer and well experienced kayak angler. He was and early promoter of clear cure goo and Connies epoxy shrimp is nothing short of amazing. Just about every fly in his shop was hand tied in house and picture perfect.  He has a great video on youtube on how to put a Clear cure goo Epoxy shrimp together that’s worth watching if you have any interest in making a half decent shrimp. A pioneer in the use of the spoon fly Connie can set you up with some quality made spoon templates and a how to recipe via his website. His method of cutting and tying the spoon fly are a bit different giving you and interesting wobble action in the fly. That has been very successful for me on largemouth bass.

He holds a patent for the design of the kayak fish bag you can also purchase from the website.

I purchased a shrimp fly for my collection, several spoon fly templates and Connie was nice enough to give me a spoon fly in a new untested color for some field testing. I look forward to dropping by CFS in the future and if your ever in Galveston stop by Connie's shop and talk fish. Support the local fly shops. Tight lines!

You can contact Connie via his website
Video of epoxy shrimp Epoxy shrimp video.


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