Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fly Product: Rio's Carp Fly Line

Rio has been known for some pretty gnarly line in the past but what they've recently done has helped them stand out even more, especially during Carp Week. Their Carp Line does everything you need to effectively catch a Carp:

  • Wary carp will not be spooked by either the presentation, or the camo olive color
  • Comes in weights 5-8
  • Has Rio's XS Technology which is an ultra-slick, dirt repelling coating (perfect for repelling the mud from those heavy flies pulling the line down)
  • Has a front and back-end loop to make setting up your Carp reel even easier
  • Combines a medium length head with a smooth front taper for a subtle presentation

The Rio Carp Line comes in at $75.00. A little steep and I'm sure most of Rio's bass lines will suffice but if your an all-out Carper, I'd go for it. Heck, its Carp Week, why not?!


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