Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Annual TLTFF 'Carp' Week

So we've decided with the recent ending of 'Shark Week', that we at TLTFF want to start a new tradition within the fly fishing bloggerverse...Carp Week. Right now is peak Carp season and why not celebrate it with a week full of Carpiness?! As you know, we feature a fly fishing video every day called our "Daily Reel". This week, all of our videos will feature carp and we will be dropping fishing knowledge on y'all like whoa when it comes to fly fishing for Carp.

A big thanks goes out to Goat Head Gear for making their Sole Spikes the Official Sponsor of Carp Week! Head on over there and get your order in of some Sole Spikes to help you wade the treacherous Carp Flats! Or, stay tuned throughout the week for some giveaways!

We will be featuring a lot of stuff from In the Riffle Online Fly Shop (check them out later this week as our 'Featured Fly Shop' since they not only tend to drop a lot of knowledge but also shoot some of the gnarliest carp films on the interweb.

Although Mike Rowe should be here doing something this week with his 'Dirty Jobs' crew, he was unavailable due to shooting his newest season on DJ in Australia...not worries though, because we will still be throwing some carpy 'Fly Products', 'Daily Reels', and articles your way all week long.

Carp Week starts today and runs till September 1st at midnight. So tighten your (wading) boot straps and hang on, because it going to be a fun First Annual TLTFF Carp Week!


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