Friday, August 17, 2012

Daily Deal...Sage ZXL 4wt 8'6" 4-pc Fly Rod

Via Deals on the Fly:

Normally $685.00, now only $486.50

Whether you're making delicate presentations to highly-educated spring creek browns or you simply enjoy a more relaxed casting style, there's nothing like the smooth rhythm of a traditional, progressive taper fly rod. Unless you can drastically improve its performance with cutting-edge GS Technology.

Which is exactly how we elevated classic-action fly rods throughout the ZXL Series. Our GS process allowed us to remove every gram of unnecessary material from the blanks and replace glass hoop fibers (which most graphite rods use for strength) with lighter, more responsive pure graphite. ZXL rods also feature a narrower grip for increased comfort and even more feedback and sensitivity during casting. In fishing terms, this means ZXL rods provide an unparalleled level of "line feel" and response, resulting in intuitively better casting. Which, in turn, means more enjoyment on the water.


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