Sunday, August 26, 2012

Carp Week Photo Contest!

Alright guys, here it is...the big one! We tried to come up with a creative contest for this week and then realized...nobody loves a contest more than being able to see some people holding up some hogs in front of the camera!

So this weeks contest will run from today until September 1st at noon

How do you enter? Simple, send us a carpy picture! Whether is be you holding a carp, releasing a carp, stalking a get it! This week is all about carp, all week, so send us something that fits right into the mix with all of that!

Where do you send your picture? Email us your picture to with the subject "Carp Week Photo Contest". The picture must be in a PNG or JPEG file format.

What do you win? With sponsors still coming in, the list isn't finalized but so far you could win:

How do you win? We will have a number of categories including:
  • Biggest Carp
  • Ugliest Carp
  • Best Picture
  • Prettiest Carp
How many pictures can you send in? A max of 12 pictures per person please.

Photos will be posted tomorrow (Sunday) view Flickr slideshow and results shown Monday (Labor Day)!


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