Thursday, August 2, 2012

Allen Trout Reels Still on Sale...Ending Soon!

Remember our review of the Allen Fly Fishing Trout reel...its still on sale for only $80, I own 2, how many do you own...???

So I really walked into this review blindly. It was the first product I've been able to try out for awhile since my fishing game hasn't exactly been on point lately. I was down and out until Zach hit me up and said something along the lines of 'You. Me. Gunpowder River.'

I have been giving you guys all these great deals and haven't entirely considered them for myself. Until I got a little email one day mentioning that they were putting their Trout Reelin their 'Deal of the Week' section for $90 bones. I was on the market for a new reel and said, well why not. I went ahead and got the Trout 2 (for 5-7wt rods) in Blue. Zach liked the idea so much, he went ahead and got it too. So as many of you saw, we went ahead and took them with us with some other products and we were BLOWN AWAY.

I have never used an Allen product before and really had no idea what to expect, neither of us did. Right from the point when we strung the new spools up, we knew this was going to be epic. I can honestly say, this reel made fly fishing the Gunpowder, a river we've fished somewhere near 2-3 dozen times, a whole new experience. I know that sounds extreme, especially from someone who's always fished a G Loomis reel, but, hey its my review, and I wouldn't lie.

When you look at this reel, you just think one Its a large arbor reel with a small stream feel. It actually has an almost adaptive quality, whatever water you fish, it fits. Its corrosion resistant build enables the use in saltwater and the size and weight combination makes it perfect for a vast ranges of freshwater.

So here we go, these are the specs per Allen:

The Trout series is the reel that transitioned the company from a small start up to legitimate contender in the modern reel market.  With its fully machined aerospace quality 6061 bar stock aluminum construction, corrosion resistant anodization, and dependable carbon disc drag system; it's everything a trout and other light tackle fish angler could ever want.  
The Trout series features a unique, attractive spool and frame design with true large arbor dimensions.  The large arbor assists in quicker line retrieve, and low line memory.  Its ergonimically formed spool handle, easy left to right hand retrieve change, and simple drag adjustment rounds out its balance of function, fashion, and dependability!
Sizes offered are our 1 and 2, which cover a surprisingly wide range of line sizes and applications.  Whether you're equipping your small stream, ultra-sensitive 3wt Myth, or your 5wt Olympic series rod, the Trout series will pair up perfectly!
Trout 1Dia.- 3.25" Wt- 4.80oz Spool Depth- .425" Spool Width- 1.06"
Reel Capacity- 3wt WFF + 70yd  20lb backing (with minimal backing on 5wt) 4-6wt Sinking
Trout 2Dia.- 3.68" Wt- 5.41oz Spool Depth- .625" Spool Width- 1.06"
Reel Capacity- 5wt WFF + 100yd  20lb backing 4-6wt WFF 250gr-350gr Shooting Heads

So here's the kicker...the Trout reel is doneski. Allen has more in store for the future and wants to clear this amazingly made reel out. This is so unfortunate, really, I can't imagine anything better than this reel. Well, its a win win. Allen just put both the Trout 1 and Trout 2 Reels on clearance. They are normally priced at $115 and $120 respectively which is already a STEAL. Now they are only $80 and $85, no joke. If you'd don't buy this reel, your an idiot. I went ahead and bought a second one, in red. Allen offers the reel in Black, Red, Silver, Blue, and Gold.
Here's what Allen says about the clearance:
The Trout Reel has had a great run, and we couldn't have been more pleased with how this reel has helped build our company.  But the time has come for an entirely new, entirely updated Trout Series!  That means you get one last chance to get this now discontinued model at a clearance discount!  Once they're sold out, that's it.  We are having additional spare spools made to keep on hand for those who have the old models, and will have those back in stock soon.  Please allow 2-3wks for delivery of your clearance Trout reels due to high volume.  Thank you to everyone for making this reel such a huge success for us!
I've never seen a bad review on this reel, it has over 20 reviews on the site and all fit in perfectly with what were going to give it, 5 stars. Simply put, amazing reel, get it.

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